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Founded in 2005 by Michael Darma, Darma Investment has grown into a leading financial services organization that sets the benchmark for excellence, know-how and customer satisfaction. With offices across Canada, we are one of the nation’s largest life insurance and investment solution distribution networks, that helps better protect and create wealth for Canadian families. Our reputation has made us a partner of choice for clients and financial advisors, who are looking to become a part of a nation-level organization. Darma Investment offers world-class training, business development and marketing support. Anyone can become a part of our ever-expanding team. We achieve excellence by collaborating with seasoned experts who share our vision and commitment to transparency, efficiency and making financial freedom attainable..

Operating Model

Our unique Advisor Centric Model ensures we remain competitive and up-to-date with all current products and services on the market through continuous training and development. We focus on professional skill building for our advisors team and as an organization, so everyone can benefit from the of best practices, resources and strategic partnerships on a national level. This secures solid, rapid growth, bringing benefits of scale, providing synergies and enabling better product placement. We have achieved this success by assigning all our advisors a dedicated specialist to follow up on all cases, contracting and licensing, commission and compensation as well as other professional services to enable them to achieve their full potential.

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